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Our flagship title ^_^.  In 2016 A.D., there's a global disaster and much of the earth sinks below the ocean.  Valuable knowledge and treasures now lie at the bottom of the sea.  To retrieve lost artifacts, special agents have to be hired.  One of these agents is Aika. She is hired to retrieve a mysterious energy source, along the way she discovers a danger that can destroy the earth as we know it. Aika IS a special agent after all though, so she won't just stand by without fighting ^_^.  A lot of humor, and a lot of action.  And the animation is top-notch.

AIKa has been released commercially by CPM.  Normally, I would say support the domestic company, but these shameless bastards stole our script and had the nerve to take credit for the translations.  It's due to these @ssholes and others who blatantly stole our hard work that we stopped releasing our scripts.  So, screw them.  Don't buy anything from these lowlifes.  And we want to go on record as saying that CPM sucks the big one.  Team Abcb version is and ALWAYS will be better.

For those of you who are new to our site... here's what I wrote on the issue:

I've got a bit more to say on the CPM issue.  We sure got pissed off when we saw the Central Park Media version of AIKa!!  Those dicks totally ripped off our script and had the nerve to take credit for the translations.  Hmm... aren't commercial companies always saying they do it better than us fansubbers?  Well, obviously our work was good enough for them to use.  Actually, they knew they couldn't do it any better, that's why they ripped off our script.  We formed Team Abcb because we really love anime and wanted to expose fans outside of Japan to different series that they wouldn't otherwise see.  In doing so, we hoped that the domestic companies would see their popularity and pick up the rights to officially distribute them.  At first we were glad to be a part of bringing attention to such titles as AIKa and Sakura Diaries.  Then we saw the Central Park Media version of AIKa (Trial 2) and my opinion of them became one of disgust.  If you have any doubts to my claims that they ripped off our script, all you have to do is compare our fansub version (which came out WAY before CPM's version) to theirs.  Didn't get a chance to get the fansub version before distribution stopped?  No problem, our scripts for Trials 1 & 2 are still online here at our webpage.  Be your own judge.  Coincidences can happen, BUT in this case, there were way too many similarities.  Of course, they changed some words around to try and hide the fact that they were using our scripts.  But, if you look at the two versions, it is so obvious that they plagiarized.  Just one example:  there's a certain line that I kept awkwardly phrased because even our translator was unsure of the line.   CPM kept that line nearly identical to ours (if you want to know the exact line, just email me).  What are the chances of their "professional" translator leaving the line the same way?  Slim.  Some other examples are when Hagen is explaining the existence of Rahg to Aika... I took many liberties when editing the translation so that it would sound more coherent in English.  So, in certain points I slightly strayed from the original translation to accomplish this.  Incredibly the "so-called" translator for CPM took these same liberties in the translation.  This is more than coincidence, this is outright STEALING.  And one last one... Aika's outfit is composed of Ultranate metal.  I know you're wondering what's the big deal about that.  The big deal is that I MADE UP the spelling for that word.  Yet, CPM spells it exactly the same way.  We're not just pissed because they stole our script.  They are taking credit for OUR hard work AND they're making money off of it.  CPM should either pull the current version of AIKa until they release a version that's truly theirs (I'm not gonna hold my breath) or at least give Team Abcb the credit that we deserve (hell will freeze over first).  Of course, they won't do any of that stuff, but by speaking out, at least you all will know what slimeballs they are.  Anyway, enough of that crap.  It just pisses me off to even think about it again.

All characters are copyright their respective creators.

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