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Team Abcb's Babe of the Week #4

If any of you caught the latest thread on, people are complaining AGAIN that we should not have women on OUR site.  This topic was already covered in an earlier thread, but I guess some people have nothing better to do than to come to our webpage and try to start sh*t.  If you mess with Team Abcb... expect to lose.  So, in response to all those people who should mind their own business anyway, I decided to have TWO babes for this week's update ^_^.  Meet Kaila Yu and Rowena Galam.  I first met Rowena last year in Little Tokyo, but this was the first time that I met Kaila.  And Kaila's a UCLA Bruin.  Sweet!  Anyway, one of my buds works for APEX Integration, so I figured I'd promote them, too.  Hmm... if I get any more complaints maybe I'll have three babes in next week's update and keep on going like that ^_^ 

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