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City Hunter

City Hunter

City Hunter:  The Death of the Evil Ryo Saeba 

Shame on you if you've never heard of City Hunter before ^_^.  For those that are new though, City Hunter is about a gun-for-hire named Ryo Saeba.  He's the best there is.  Ryo LOVES women.  In fact, he only accepts female clients.  His partner is Kaori, and she tries to keep Ryo in line with her trusty hammers.  She likes him.  He likes her.  They both won't admit it. You get the picture ^_^.  In this one, there's a hot news anchor named Sayaka Asagiri who needs Ryo to be her bodyguard.  She witnessed the murder of the president of MegaCity TV, so her life is in danger.  Anyway, you KNOW Ryo has to try and hit it up with her.  And you KNOW Kaori is gonna be there to kick his ass for trying.  Fun, action, mokkori antics, and some bad-ass dialogue Team Abcb style.  

City Hunter:  Goodbye My Sweetheart

In this special, Ryo is hired by a famous client to find her missing brother.  Along the way, there's a little bit of mischief (mostly by Ryo), a little bit of romance, and lots of action.

"Goodbye My Sweetheart" has been picked up commercially by ADV.  No longer available for distribution.

All characters are copyright their respective creators.

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