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Detective Conan

This anime is about genius detective, Kudo Shinichi.  He's famous for being the best there is even though he's only in high school.  While investigating a crime, some thugs want to put him out of commission so they force a strange drug down his throat.  The weird effect is that he gets shrunk into a little kid, but he still retains his sharp mind.  Now, he has to somehow find those thugs and get the antidote.  In his shrunken form, he goes by the name Edogawa Conan.  For the time being, he has to stay with the inept detective, Mori Kogoro.  The thing is, Shinichi likes Kogoro's daughter, Ran. Well, she likes him too and she watches over Conan, not knowing that Conan is actually Shinichi ^_^

If you want to see the earlier episodes, they're being subbed by NT-Anime.  At the moment, were only subbing episodes 48-51 of the second series.  This is because Yamabuki's little sister really likes the series and she bought this particular LD because it's the storyline where Shinichi gets to temporarily revert back to his normal form ^_^.  What's gonna happen when Ran finally sees him likes this? ^_^    

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