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Welcome to the Team Abcb Contest Page

Hmm... I think it would look better if she had "JOEY" tattooed above the butterfly ^_^


Okay, people.  Since Valentine's Day is coming up, we figured it would be perfect to launch a contest that will let you get to know Team Abcb a little better.  You get two chances to win, you get two choices of which prize you want, and there will also be two winners.  Does that ROCK or what?  Okay then, here's how the contest works.  Yours truly (Joey, of course) and Daniel each have come up with some multiple choice questions for you to answer.  How will this let you get to know us?  Well, when you're answering the questions, you'll be trying to figure out our personalities.  So, it should be fun ^_^.  Like I said, there will be two sets of questions, one set from me and one set from Daniel.  The person who gets the most correct will win that set.  You can enter both sets, but you can only win one.  As you can see, you get two chances to win.  And there will be two winners chosen.  The prizes are either:  a) masters of any three Team Abcb titles that you'd like or, b) a Team Abcb care package that will include Pocky and other Japanese snacks.  I added the second choice because I realized that some anime fans out there may live in areas where Japanese goods are hard to find.  I take it for granted that we have all these places in L.A.  Hmm... I've decided to add a twist.  If at the end of a question, you write a little sentence as to why you picked your answer, you'll get an extra half point.  For example, if I ask what my favorite color is and you answer, c. red - because Sakuragi's hair is red... you'll get the question wrong, but at least you'll still get a half point.  But if you would've gotten it right, you'd get 1.5 points for the question.  This'll make it more fun.  The contest will end on March 31st.  And with that, here are the questions:

 Joey's Questions

1.  What's my favorite movie?

b.  Big Truble in Little China

This is THE movie.  Make fun of me all you want.  I don't care ^_^.  I've seen this movie hundreds of times       and I never get bored of it.  The story is cheesy, but I like cheesy.  The characters have charisma.  Jack             Burton is too cool.  Wang is badass.  Egg, Lo Pan, Eddie, Gracie, Margot, the Three Storms, basically the           whole gang kicks ass.  And the dialogue is just classic. 

2.  I like:

d.  all of the above, of course!  I GAVE this one to you ^_^

3.  When I'm clubbing, I love it when girls wear:

b.  I like seeing girls in all of these outfits, of course.  BUT, my favorite would be mini-skirt, tube top, and           knee-high boots (although my friends and I refer to them as "f*ck me boots").  Did I just offend some of you       by writing that?  Oh well... I tell it like it is and I won't apologize for it ^_^.  Mini-skirts show off a girl's             great legs and her ASSets.  And what can I say?  A tube top is one of the greatest creations of ALL time.  

4.  Which is NOT true?  Girls have commented that they like my:

f.  feet is the correct answer.  This one is a "gimme", too. 

5.  My dream car is:

b.  the 2003 Porsche Carrera GT just looks too DAMN cool!  I'll post a link to a pic of it soon.   

6.  Most of you know that I dance to trance and some hip-hop, but I also listen to:  

c.  jazz.  There are some pretty cool jazz clubs in L.A.  If you're ever here, check out Lunaria near Beverly Hills.

7.  My favorite anime series is:

e.  Kind of a trick question.  Many of you guessed City Hunter because my nickname is Ryo Saeba.                     However, my all-time favorite series is Kimagure Orange Road.  Kyosuke, Madoka, and Hikaru.  THE               best love triangle story ever.  The music is great and the ending to the series was awesome ^_^ 

8.  My favorite import model is:  

c.  Jen Clarin ^_~.  She's 1/2 of the Remix Twins (for those of you who are into the import world).  She's old         school, but she's the best.  Ran into her at Q's the other night and she still looks as good as ever.  For those       of you who have no idea what I'm talking about... she's the girl on the left on the second entrance page to             our website.

9.  When I was a kid, I wanted to be a:

b.  astronaut, man.  Wanted to shoot for the stars.  Heck, I'd still do it now if I had the chance.

10. I watch all of the following shows, EXCEPT for:

Trick question, so any answer given was considered a correct answer.  I actually watch all of these shows.           Well, "watched" would be more accurate because some of these shows were cancelled =(

11. My favorite sport is:

c.  beach volleyball!  The beach, girls, sand, girls, competition, girls

12. My favorite beer is:

b.  Kirin tastes great!  It's really smooth and I always get it at my favorite hangouts.

13. My first kiss was at:

a.  Knott's Berry Farm, baby!  I remember it like yesterday... it was the summer before I started 8th grade  and I went to Knott's with my best bud.  Two girls, a brunette named Roxy and a blonde named Elizabeth, asked us to go on the log ride with them.  I got the blonde and the rest is history ^_^.         

14. My favorite Bond girl is:

a.  Pussy Galore.  'nuff said.

15. I wear:

c. boxer briefs.  Boxers don't give enough support.  A girl could easily tell if you're interested.  Briefs are too constricting.  And wearing no underwear runs the risk of pulling a "There's Something about Mary."

16. The FIRST thing I notice about a woman is her:

e.  many of you guessed that it was breasts (I wonder why?).  But, the first thing I actually notice is her eyes.

17. Kelly is to Zack, like Jesse is to:

c.  Slater.  Dude, I HAD to put in a "Saved by the Bell" reference.  I grew up with this show ^_^

18. The shades I wear are by:

b.  Armani's all the way.  They just look too damn cool.  I could buy a PS2 plus a couple games with how much I paid for these shades, but good shades are hard to come by, so it was worth it. 

19. My watch is by:

a.  Rolex, baby.  If you're gonna wear a watch, might as well wear the best.  My dad got mine for me though.  I don't want you all to think I'm rolling in dough or anything.

20. I shop at all of the following, EXCEPT for:

d.  Structure.  I would never shop there.  It's too ghetto.  

21. In high school, my nickname was:

Two correct answers to this one, actually.  You could've picked either a. Asian Persuasion, or b. GQ ^_^

22. You all know that Amuro Namie is my favorite singer, so my second favorite is: 

d.  Kuraki Mai.  Her voice is AWESOME!!

23. My favorite place to party is:

b.  Le Prive.  Costs a shitload to party there, but it's well worth it.  The decor is freakin' badass.  The music kicks ass.  But, the best part is that the women who go there are the motherfreakin' most gorgeous women you will ever see... ANYWHERE.  Damn, I love L.A.  

24. I like it when girl is pierced in what area?:

Two correct answers for this one, too.  I like girls who have pierced navels and pierced tongues.  What can I say?  It looks freakin' SEXY.

25. Which of these did NOT really happen while we were out on a dance floor?:  

a.  is the correct answer.  Everything else really happened ^_^


Daniel's Questions

1.  My favorite song is:

      The answer is:  a  

      Now that's jazz.     

2.  My #1 stalker is:  

      The answer is:  c

      This one is obvious. Couldn't find the answer?  It was in our message board where she declared

      it a few times.  Heh, I know there are more of you out there.        

3.  My favorite movie is:

      The answer is:  c

      I had a tough time with this one. I can't really pinpoint exactly what my all time fav movie is, but I'll say

      Ran.  It has samurai, drama, great music, philosophical musings, and it's freakin depressing. I love it.

4.  My favorite food is:

      The answer is:  b

      Never had molé?  Where the hell have you been?  It's only the greatest stuff out there.  It's

      a sauce that comes from cacao (same as chocolate) and it can be pretty spicy.  Tastes great

      with chicken.  It has a brown color to it but there's also a green variety simply called "verde."  

5.  My favorite anime movie is: 

      The answer is:  c

      It has heavy-armored soldiers (modern day samurai?), drama, great music, Oshii-style

      philosophical musings, and it's freakin depressing.  I love it.    

6.  My favorite color is:

      The answer is:  a

      Yeah, it's black. Blue is cool, too. And brown rocks >=D

7.  My favorite game is:

      The answer is:  d

      Good game.

8.  My favorite animal is:

     The answer is:  b

      Cats kick ass.

      Anyone who saw our Slam Dunk 5-8 tape would know this answer.

      And I still have to get back at freakin Joey.

9.  My favorite anime series is:

      The answer is:  c

      Hint: my freakin nickname.  Huh?  You never saw UY?  

      Don't talk to me. 

10. I prefer:

      The answer is:  d

      What can I say. They're all chicks. 

11. My eye color is:

      The answer is:  b

      My grandma (on my father's side) has green eyes. 

      Don't ask me where she got them.      

12. My first fansubbing project was:

      The answer is:  b

      It was Team Abcb's flagship project. Hence, it was my first project.

      That was four years ago.  And now our timing/subtitling has evolved

      into the experimental style it is today.  I'm feeling nostalgic.

      Oh, and does Namie's "A Walk in the Park" remind you of AIKa too? 

13. My favorite subject in school is:

      The answer is:  a

      Interesting stuff.

14. My favorite kind of girl is:

      The answer is:  d

      'Nuff said.

15. My ethnicity is:

      The answer is:  c

      Did you think I am Asian?  'Cuz almost everyone else does.

      But, I'm a Zapotec vato. 

16. My favorite type of music is:

      The answer is:  a

      Great stuff.  And I don't mean that smooth jazz shit. Barf.  

17. I am:

      The answer is:  d


18. The one project that was the most fun to work on was:

      The answer is:  c

      Now that was freakin fun to work on.  I was watching it as I timed it. This movie

      is hilarious!  We completed the translations, timing, and editing in a couple days.

      Major record for us.  You haven't seen it?!  Man, you're missing out.     

19. My major at school is:

      The answer is:  b

      Don't ask.

20. My favorite style of painting is:

      The answer is:  a

      It's the Mexican in me.  Frida Kahlo has had some influence on my


21. My hair color is:

      The answer is:  b

      Though everyone could swear it's black.  It's also very thick and grows

      extremely fast. 

22. My number 6 fan is:

      The answer is:  c

      Check out the message board.  I wonder if that fan club of mine is still around...  

23. What people like most about me is:

      The answer is:  a

      Trick question.  Hehe, yeah I know, that's cold.  I've gotten compliments

      about my voice more times than I can remember.

24. I like:

      The answer is:  b

      Hell, this is LA.

25. The place you'll most likely find me on Friday night is:

      The answer is:  a

      Well, this was true a while ago.  We've been trying out different

      places lately.  



     Should I be scared?     

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