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This anime is based on the works of one of my favorite artists, Toshiki Yui.  It will definitely be cool ^_^.  If the anime is the same as the live-action version, then it's about a girl named Kirara who's about to get married when she suddenly gets into a car accident and dies.  She prays that she'll be reunited with her love.  So, she's sent back as a ghost, but back in time also!  She ends up being with her fiance when he's still in high school and before they even get together.  To complicate things, the younger Kirara's best friend likes the dude, and Kirara is trying to hook them up.  So, older Kirara tries to get younger Kirara to go for the guy because she knows they should be together.  Did you follow that? ^_^.  Well, just watch the show and it'll all make sense... maybe...

**  The studios cancelled the Kirara anime project for some reason.  It's weird because they had a BUNCH of ads in Newtype and stuff.  They even released the CD soundtrack for the show.  And all of a sudden the project was cancelled.  We even pre-ordered the laserdiscs.  Oh well.  I'm kind of disappointed because I was looking forward to it.  But at least we have the live-action version to work on. 

All characters are copyright their respective creators.

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