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Live-Action Film Projects

                    Norika     Norika, Yuki, & Izumi... deshou ^_^

Cat's Eye   

Right when I saw the new costumes, I knew I had to sub this ^_^.  Actually, it's pretty cool.  It stars sugoi kawaii Fujiwara Norika,  an on-fire Inamori Izumi, and magically babe-licious Uchida Yuki.  These three sisters make up Cat's Eye, who are notorious art thieves.  But, they're not evil though ^_^.  They're trying to find their missing father by stealing back his artworks in the hope of finding some clue to his whereabouts.  They also happen to run a cafe named Cat's Eye. And to complicate things the detective assigned to catching them happens to hang out at Cat's Eye all the time because he's dating the middle sister, Hitomi.  But, he has no idea that she's one of the girls that he's trying to arrest.  I haven't seen the anime version, but I like the live-action one for sure.   

Hana Yori Dango - Yuki-chan

Hana Yori Dango

This movie also stars Uchida Yuki in the title role ^_^.  She's a poor girl that gets into a prestigious private school.  While she's there, she runs into F4 (four guys from very prominent families) and gets into trouble with them.  They start playing pranks on her and making her life hell, but she fights back.  Somewhere along the way, the leader of F4 starts falling for her, but she actually has a crush on one of the other members.  Then there's a beautiful girl that she has to try and compete with to get his attention.  And this happens, and that happens.  And you know?  You have to watch the movie to see what I'm talking about ^_^.  Actually if you've read the manga or seen the anime then you already know.

Tokimeki Memorial

It's the last summer of Suzuki Akihiko's high school life.  He wants it to be a memorable one and he's really in love with the idea of being in love.  He manages to get a summer job running an ocean-side cafe with 4 of the prettiest girls at his school:  Natsumi, Namie, Nishio, and Komugi.  Oh, and some guy named Kosuke is there too, but I didn't pay attention to that part.  Anyway, it's really humorous and poignant.  And does his dream girl, Shiori, show up?  You'll see ^_^

boku no Namie-chan ^_^

That's Cunning!

This is the only title that isn't available for distribution.  But, if you're ever in the Los Angeles area, look me up and maybe you can watch it ^_^.  It's a comedy starring my favorite girl, Amuro Namie ^_~.  Namie-chan is attending a college where there's an evil professor that wants his students to fail so he can build some hotel on the site where the Sigma House stands.  How do the students fight back?  They CHEAT!!  If you're a college student, you HAVE to see this movie.  It's hilarious!  And the ideas they come up with to cheat are side-splittingly funny.  All the funky characters just kept me laughing the whole time.  And with Namie-chan in it, this movie kicks ass ^_^

For those wondering why we are not distributing this project, please read the following exchange:

Here's my reply to someone else who asked about the movie:


>why do you list "that's cunning" if you aren't going to accept any requests

>for it? that is just plain CRUEL to some of us who love namie, but speak

>little or no japanese. btw, these questions were not meant to offend you or

>anyone on your staff. they have just been bothering me. thanx for your

>time, jun.

We list That's Cunning because it's one of our projects and we'd

like people to know about it. We aren't trying to be cruel by keeping

it off distribution lists. It's just that I really like Namie too,

and don't want somebody taking a copy of what we worked so hard

on and selling it to people for $20. As you know, boku no Namie-chan

is very popular so people would be willing to pay it. We've been

having private showings of That's Cunning at Anime Expo and here

in L.A. for some Namie fans. I'm sorry if you don't live near L.A.,

so you can come see it, but the only way to make sure that That's

Cunning doesn't fall into the wrong hands is to keep it off distribution lists.

I hope I've sufficiently answered your questions. If not, then

feel free to email me back. We take no offense when people are

genuinely curious as to how our policies work.

Joey,  Team Abcb

All characters are copyright their respective creators.

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