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Team Abcb proudly celebrates our 2nd Anniversary

Special thanks to everyone who's been along with us for the ride.  Friends, fans, sponsors, distributors, and of course all the beautiful women ^_^.  It all started three years ago at Anime Expo when we bought the laserdisc for our flagship project, AIKa.  About a year later, we got our genlock and Team Abcb was born.  We had a blast working on it and have since worked on a variety of titles that we're very proud of.  We're happy to have been able to help give anime the exposure it needed to blow up here in the U.S. and to give you fans a chance to watch titles that you otherwise would not have been able to enjoy.  Another thing I (Joey) am personally proud of is how many people I was able to turn on to Amuro Namie.  Thanks to all of you who wrote in telling me how you bought her CDs after hearing about her on our webpage.  Namie-chan is badass, isn't she?  I wish all of you could've been at the Hawaii concert because she really rocked.  It's pretty fitting that I was able to see her perform during the month of our anniversary.  Namie-chan IS the official Team Abcb spokesmodel after all ^_^

Well, we'll keep subtitling as long as you all keep watching.  Thanks for all the support.  Keep those emails coming because we love getting feedback from all of you.  Remember to live life to the fullest, party hard, dance all night, have no regrets, and always take it when you see an opportunity.

 MYTH... Make Yourself The Hero