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Oshii Mamoru Films

Angel's Egg   

Recommended by diehard Oshii fan, Daniel.  A cryptic and allegorical artfilm from director Oshii Mamoru. A young fragile-looking girl travels the ruined countryside, carryingan egg that she believes contains an angel. One day, she runs into a soldier carrying a crucifix-like weapon, who is curious to knowwhat the egg contains. They travel through the ruins together, with the soldier trying hard not to let his curiosity overtake him.

This title has now been licensed by Anchor Bay Entertainment.  Buy their commercially available version.  


This is a compilation of 6 OAVS from the series "Gosenzosama Ban-Banzai!" Teen-aged Yomota Inumaru constantly looks over the veranda of his two-story house, wishing for somebody, anybody, to come. His wish is answered one day in the form of Yomota Maroko, a young girl who claims she came back to the past to learn more about her ancestors. She says Inumaru is her grandfather! Well, anyway, her appearance only causes the Yomota family to fall apart, and whole bunch of other mischief. This is a highly comedic and philosophical movie from director Oshii Mamoru. (Who else?)

Twilight Q2:  Meikyuu Bukken File 538

A philosophical tale about a detective who is investigating a man and his young daughter, who seem to have an obsession for fish. To top it off, whenever airplanes pass over their home, they disappear (or just turn into giant fish). This one's also by Oshii Mamoru, and contains his themes of reality and illusion.

All characters are copyright their respective creators.

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