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Welcome to Team Abcb's Projects Page

Boku no Namie-chan ^_^

To find out more about Amuro Namie, click here ---> AM-GLAM

Team Abcb is...

Founder / Dialogue Editor / Subtitler...

Joey  "Ryo Saeba"      "A peach is a peach, a plum is a plum, but a kiss isn't a kiss without an Asian tongue."  ^_^

Founder / Timer / Subtitler...

Daniel  "Moroboshi"  "Big Pimpin'"               Urara - Sakura Tsushin


Cyxx  "Sexual Adobo"

The kick-ass translators...

(in alphabetical order)

Jennifer Wand - Hana Yori Dango:  Live-action

Judy  "Chocolat-oneesama"  - City Hunter:  Goodbye My Sweetheart

Kabuki Quantum Fighter Yuji  - Cat's Eye, Sentimental Journey, Touch

Naochan - AIKa, City Hunter: GMS, Sakura Diaries, Tokimeki Memorial

Rath Iryuuzar (Rone Maiser)  - City Hunter:  GMS, Slam Dunk

Rinoa Heartilly - Slam Dunk

Yakumo - City Hunter:  The Death of the Evil Ryo Saeba

Yamabuki Shikibu  - AIKa, That's Cunning!, Akachan to Boku, Voogie's Angel, Twilight Q2, HYD


BLUE - These are anime titles which are available for distribution.

GREEN - These are live-action projects which are available for distribution.

PURPLE - These are personal projects that are NOT available for distribution.

GRAY - These are projects that have now been licensed by U.S. companies.  They are NOT available for distribution.

Completed Projects

Current Projects  

Upcoming Projects

Live-action projects

* When any of these titles become commercially available here in the U.S., please buy the domestic version and support the companies.  We buy 'em.  Projects listed in gray have since been commercialized and are for our own personal use only. 

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