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Welcome to Team Abcb's Projects Page

Boku no Namie-chan ^_^

To find out more about Amuro Namie, click here ---> AM-GLAM

Voogie's Angel

Team Abcb (aka The Magnificent Seven) is...

Joey  "Ryo Saeba"     " Namie-chan... there can be only one  ^_^ ".  Click here for Joey's pic.

Daniel  "Moroboshi" " Whatever, man.  Namie isn't as cuddly as cats are ".  Click here for Daniel's pic. Urara - Sakura Tsushin

The kick-ass translators...

(in alphabetical order)

Judy  "Chocolat-oneesama"  - City Hunter

Madoka-chan  - Hana Yori Dango movie

Nao-chan (Chuunen-No-Ossan)  - AIKa, City Hunter, Sakura Diaries

Rath Iryuuzar (Rone Maiser)  - City Hunter, Slam Dunk

Yamabuki Shikibu  - AIKa, That's Cunning!, Akachan to Boku, Voogie's Angel

Completed Projects

        City Hunter Special:  Goodbye My Sweetheart
        AIKa: Trial 1-2
        Angel's Egg
        Slam Dunk TV  5-8
        That's Cunning!
        AIKa: Trial 3-4

Current Projects  

Future Projects

Just-for-fun projects:  non-anime Japanese films  (club screenings only - NOT  for trading)

* When any of these titles become commercially available here in the U.S., please buy the domestic version and support the companies.  We buy 'em.

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For our original scripts, click here ---> Scripts Page

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