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Welcome to Team Abcb's Request Page

To find out more about Amuro Namie, click here ---> AM-GLAM

There are TWO methods of getting our projects.  You can either request directly from  Team
Abcb or you can request from one of our distributors listed below.  HOWEVER, to request
directly from us, you have to be a woman.  All of you guys out there are welcome to request
from our distributors instead because they distro to BOTH guys AND girls.  I will repeat that
later, so that there is no misunderstanding.

Since we do very limited SASE distribution, you may find it easier to request anime from our
distributors.  In case you don't know what SASE is, it's when you send new, unopened tapes
to the distributor in a bubble mailer.  You also provide a stamp for return-postage.  The
distributor sends back anime on your own tapes that you sent, and that's that.  You DO NOT
send any money.  Our distributors are:

 Tsunami - USA
 Verge - USA
 Nopnila - USA
 Glen's Anime Distribution - Canada
 Anime Addicts Fansub Distribution - Canada - Coming Soon
 East Coast Anime Distribution (ECAD) - USA - Coming Soon
 Hitokiri's Fansub Haven - USA - Coming Soon
 Cool Anime - USA - Coming Soon
 ChiAnime No Longer Active

We are currently looking for distributors in Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America.  If
you are interested, feel free to email Joey.

However, we're aware that some of you may want to get a title directly from us.  That's why
we decided to do some limited SASE distribution.  We'd rather be subtitling though and we
don't want to spend all day recording stuff, so we're going to have restrictions to cut down
on the number of requests we get.

Here are the Team Abcb rules, these DO NOT apply to the distributors listed above:

Sentimental Journey is exempt from the following rules.  ANYONE who requests
Sentimental Journey will be approved, regardless of gender. 

Since our nicknames are Ryo Saeba and Ataru Moroboshi, this first rule should come as no
surprise.  We only accept requests from women ^_^.  If you've seen City Hunter, you know
that Ryo only accepts female clients.  And if you've seen Urusei Yatsura, I don't need to
explain Moroboshi's tendencies.  Too bad if you're a guy, but let me make this clear...
that doesn't mean that you can't get Team Abcb projects if you're male.  It just means that
you can't get tapes directly from us, but you CAN request from any of our distributors who
are listed above.  There are plenty of them and they do distribute to BOTH guys AND girls.
So, if you're a guy, don't write to me complaining that this is unfair because we ARE
providing you with alternatives.

Okay, now for the ladies, here are the rest of the rules:

You may request 3 tapes at a time using the SASE method.  After your request is approved,
we'll send you directions on how to send your tapes and where to send them to.

Email Joey for request approvals.  I do get a lot of email though, so to make sure that
your request doesn't get lost in the sea of messages, make sure that the subject line reads:
XYZ - Team Abcb ^_^

Send email to Joey at