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One of our main concerns is that we don't want people messing with our work. We spent a lot of time working on these titles. We don't want people editing the scripts and messing with our hard work. So, if you are going to use our scripts, you must follow 2 conditions:

1. NO PART of the script is to be edited. Nothing may be added, deleted, or modified.  We spent a lot of time getting the wording just right and we're proud of our work. If you don't like the script, then don't use it. Get a translator and do it yourself.

2. All the credits to the original Team Abcb subbing team must remain AND they must appear as they are timed to appear. We all devoted many hours to our projects and everyone on the team deserves to be recognized for their efforts. If you have to adjust the timing so that it will be accurate on your computer, then by all means, ADD your name to the credits. But, DO NOT REMOVE any of the original credits.

I trust that anyone who uses our scripts will honor our wishes.  This may sound harsh, but if these conditions are violated, then our future scripts will no longer be released.  If you have no problem with these conditions then go ahead and click on the lips of Sakura Diaries' Urara-chan to proceed to the scripts page.  Have fun with your subbing and don't forget to study once in a while ^_^


It's obvious that we haven't added any new scripts in a long time.  Although, the ones that we uploaded prior to this update are still in our archive.  This is due to a number of reasons.  One, we were in an anime store and they were playing an episode of AIKA in which our script was used, but whoever subbed it took full credit for it.  Two, people have emailed me to complain about our scripts.  Lastly, CPM ripped off our AIKa script and claimed it to be their own.  So, you can blame the people who committed the violations listed above for us deciding not to release our scripts anymore.       

Joey "Ryo Saeba"

-- Team Abcb

                                                                                        Sakura Diaries' Urara

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