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                                                                                                                 Amuro Namie desu ^_^

Welcome to Team Abcb's Project Sponsorship Page Namie dance tracks cover   

To find out more about Amuro Namie, click here ---> AM-GLAM

Please contact Joey at or Daniel at if you're interested in sponsoring a project.  Your sponsorship goes toward paying the translators for their work.  We consider sponsorship to be a way for fans to get involved in the joy of fansubs ^_^. However, even if we don't get sponsors for a particular project, we'll still subtitle it with our own money. So, don't worry that a project won't be finished just because there aren't enough sponsors. Many of our projects have been completed without sponsors.

With sponsorship, you get your choice of a VHS OR an SVHS master. Just let us know. The tape and shipping charges are on us. This is in appreciation of your support. We will also put your name in the credits.

Also, you may have noticed on our requests page that we only accept SASE requests from women. Sponsors are an exception to this rule. Another perk to sponsorship is that ALL sponsors are eligible to request regardless of whether you're a guy or a girl ^_^  

Projects & their Sponsors

Just so you all know that we don't just talk the talk, here are projects that we've completed even though they were not fully sponsored:

* Titles in Gray have since been picked up commercially.  Please buy the domestic releases.

Slam Dunk

Send email to Joey at